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The 3 Ways To Earn Money With Sports Betting

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The increase on the net and in the mouth of many fans, about tricks, methods, and strategies to win money with sports betting has increased. Many of them even propose systems to make money continuously and systematically, drawing newcomers to the world an idyllic paradise of unlimited profits.

However, there is a minority of individual bettors who earn money continuously and sustained over time. Even that allows them to live on their bets and dedicate themselves professionally to it.

Let’s see, then, the three ways to ally with the bookmakers and obtain benefits thanks to it.

Method 1: Directional Bets

Directional bets consist of betting on a result. We put money in favor of a certain team if I win it, I multiply it by the odds; if not, I lose it. We play, then, simply against the probability of the result, something that the bookmakers handle correctly.

Does it make economic sense to bet this way?

Yes, in a single situation: when the implicit probability of the odds offered by the bookmaker is less than the real probability of the result happening. In this case, the bet is said to have value.

Method 2: Betting Arbitration

In terms of investment, the word arbitration is used when a secure benefit can be obtained in situations where two or more markets are decompensated with each other. It is equally a 안전놀이터. In betting, as a large market, where event probabilities are bought and sold, it is possible – and very profitable – to apply this concept. Who would not be delighted to find a safe profit opportunity? To do this, we have to find a match where the opposite results give us quotas whose sum of probabilities is less than 100% or put another way, where the net spread is negative.

Method 3: Sports Trading

The concept of sports trading also comes from the stock market. It consists, in the purest style of stock market speculation, in negotiating with the temporary evolution of the quotas of a party. As we have said before, the bookmakers dynamically move their odds as the bets are settled to ensure that they are offsetting each other, and they get their profit from the spread.

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