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Smart Martingale Methods: Most Essential Reasons

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The martingale is a gambling technique that increases the odds of winning without taking more risks. It is used on roulette tables, but its principle can be just as useful for those who want to bet money on sporting events.

A risk-free technique

Martingale is not a cheating technique, although many casinos do not appreciate its use. It simply allows, in a logical way, to exploit the principle of probabilities in order to increase one’s chances of winning in gambling.

The procedure is simple: choose a low risk value to increase your chances of success (in roulette: black, red, even, odd, etc.) and continue to bet on this value while doubling the stakes as long as you lose. When you win, you will get your previous bets back, plus the original bet winnings.

An example

  • In roulette you bet € 10 on the Red. Black falls, you lose.
  • You must therefore bet € 20 on Red. Black falls, you lose.
  • 40 € on the Rouge. Red falls, you win.
  • You get your total stake of € 70 and win € 10.
  • Black and Red have a 50% chance of falling, so there’s a good chance you’ll get your bets back.

Possible variation on sports betting

This martingale technique for bandar judi togel online is not limited to roulette, its use is also possible for sports betting. However, the technique to be employed is slightly different. Indeed, no even / odd, black / red value in sports betting. Instead, select your favorite club, the main thing is to always bet on the same club until you win. Also, make sure your rating is greater than 2! Otherwise the odds will not be in your favor enough.

The only limit of the martingale applied to sports betting, in addition to the need to have a sufficient fund to be able to continue to double the stakes, is that you have to know how to take your troubles patiently. Sports bets are less regular than roulette and their results can be slow in coming. To remedy this it is quite possible to bet on different teams instead of just one, but in this case limit yourself to matches whose odds are of the 2.1 against 2.3 type.

The Additional Options

In addition, many variations of the martingale exist to adapt to the different situations of the sports bettor. The martingale with signal, for example, proposes to wait for a succession of defeats of a team on which one wishes to bet before starting to bet according to the rules of the martingale. The risk is to miss a gain. Or the Whittacker martingale which does not require you to double the bet after each loss, but simply to add the sum of the two previous bets: the amounts bet increase less quickly, but you will have to win several times to make up for your losses .

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