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Moneyline Bets You Can Rely On Now

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Winning money with sports betting is the ultimate goal of every bettor and is possible thanks to value bet and sure bet! In the following paragraphs, we will present to you not 1 sports betting technique but 2 techniques that will allow you to reap the benefits for sure. First, we will talk about sure bet and then, we will explain what a value bet is.

Value bet and sure bet technical sports betting

First bet technique: sure bet

The 안전놀이터 검증   sure bet , English term which means “safe bet”, is a technique of sports betting ensuring you to win every time and this, whatever the result of the sporting event on which you started your bet. Indeed, thanks to the differences in odds that exist on bookmakers, it is possible to guarantee a gain . It is a method which therefore requires having an account on several online betting sites because no single bookie will take the risk of offering a sure bet at a given time. It is quite logical since this site would inexorably lose money.

How to calculate a sure bet?

Rest assured, the calculation of a sure bet is not complicated to understand. We are in the presence of a sure bet, for any sporting event of type 1N2, when:

  • 1 / odds a + 1 / odds b + 1 / odds c <1 (valid for type 1N2 bets)
  • 1 / odds a + 1 / odds b <1 (valid for type 12 bets such as tennis) 

In this calculation, the odds a corresponds to the odds of a 1st bookmaker, the odds b to the odds of a 2nd bookmaker, etc. Let us take a concrete example to better understand:

PSG match – Man City: at the same time, you will find in 3 different bookmakers an odds of at 2 for the 1 (PSG victory), an odds of at 4 for the N (draw) and an odds of at 5 for the 2 (Man City win).

Now proceed to the calculation: 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/5 = 0.95

The above result is less than 1 since we arrive at 0.95. So we just spotted a sure bet. You must now place the bets.

How to calculate the amounts to bet?

Once you’ve found a sure bet, you still have to figure out how much to bet on each option (1, N and 2) to make sure you make money. With the previous example (PSG – Man City match), we were in the presence of a 5% sure bet (0.95). In all cases, you earn € 100 or € 5 in insured benefits (100 – 95 = 5). Thus, this sports betting technique allows you to win money every time and without risk.


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