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Malaysian lottery and solving the number puzzles of 4D lottery

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Winning a good lottery is something that many people dream of but very few people live to experience. This is not about winning small prize money but you can win a massive jackpot lottery in Malaysia.

These days more and more people are starting to play lotteries online. It is truly worth to buy tickets in the huge lotteries now and then. Malaysian lottery comes with the offers to win great price money with added rewards. In Malaysia, online lottery gaming is a much popular way to make money for many people. It is exciting and at a time it brings huge fortune to many people. Not even investing in the lottery but this is possible now to win the games in some easy ways. You just need to know the right strategies and the way to play with the numbers. There are many websites that provide you with the complete guidance that how to play the lottery Malaysia and how to win a good prize with little effort.

4-D lottery

Malaysia is the first country that got the permission to operate the 4 classic lotteries. You will get complete assurance to winning a certain amount of money when you are playing the game.

4 D lottery is all about the 4 digit numbers. One can choose their lottery numbers from 0000 to 9999. It can be anything but 4-digit. This is fixed but popular odd game that comes with some secret formula of winning.

Lottery Malaysia is a popular name in the world of the lottery because the country offers a diverse range of lottery game and all are equally exciting and come with higher prize amount. There you will find 26 different exciting lottery games that you can try and each of the ones comes with different methodologies, odds of the award rages and the game.

Different types of Malaysian lottery


Sabah 4d Jackpot is one of the most popular names in Malaysia that offers the 3D and newly the 4D lottery games. They are in the lottery business since 1988. To play the 3D game you need to select any three digit numbers. You also need to select the stake that will make our payout variable. The process is applied for 4-D games. The minimum jackpot amount of Sabah lottery is 500000 RMA. With the Sabah 4D, you will get 5 payouts of a fixed amount.


Magnum is a renowned lottery operator of Malaysia and they are in the field since 1968. The actually thought of the company was to raise money for different charitable and social causes. This is one of the leading lottery brands of the country and they got the 4D license first. This game is known as the actual 4D game of the country. There are also different magnum games for each of the Malaysia lottery participants.

There are also many other names like sports Toto Malaysia, DaMaCai, Super 7 and Big Sweep Sandakan 4D, Special Cash Sweep etc.

To try your Luck in Malaysian lotteries, you will get different websites with the guidance and tricks to break the number puzzles. There are also mane prediction tools.

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