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How long it will take to be a winning poker player?

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So you have just started mastering the art of playing poker games but you are not winning any rewards. You must be thinking how much it will take you to emerge as a poker player? There are certain factors that will decide how much it can take to be a professional player. Poker ceme idn is one of the best games of poker and if you want to become a pro in this, consider the following variables.

  • time you spend in playing poker
  • time that you spend in learning the strategies and rules
  • what are you using for learning the techniques
  • intelligence power
  • time you will take to learn up the things
  • stakes that you play

A winning player is a one who has got a positive rate of winnings regardless of the amount of the win rate. There are three different categories of learners:

  • Super quick learner

In order to be a champion of idn ceme games, you have to be a super quick learner so that you can earn handsome bonuses and rewards. Super quick learner is one who

  • devotes 3 hours every day on playing,
  • reads blogs and articles on strategies of poker,
  •  uses online videos to watch poker strategies,
  •  has subscribed to a training website,
  • using software exclusively meant for tracking their game play and
  • is a real intelligent person.

3 Months is an attainable time period for a player to be a professional player if he uses the right tools and websites. If you are one of the super quick learners then you will definitely progress rapidly.

  • The hard worker

The hard working player will take 8 to 12 months to be a professional player. A hard worker is one who:

  • Devotes 10 hours
  •  thinks logically about their decisions
  •  reads about poker strategy
  •  uses tracking software and watches online videos
  • Has a subscription to a training website.

The level of passionof the hard worker is same as just of the super quick learner but there are other commitments which reduce the time that they devote to learn the basics of the game. If you are a hard working player and you are unable to earn good profits then there is no need of getting hyper. Stay positive and confident because you will definitely succeed one day. Play poker ceme idn because it is one of the best games of poker.

  • Casual players

The third and the final category of player are the casual players who have the desire to win but they are slow learners. A casual player can be defined as one

  • who usually spends 2 or 3 hours of poker every week,
  •  have the power to apply logic but do not use their brain power,
  •  usually do not have an official account but uses different sites for fun playing sessions,
  • have knowledge about the training sites like idn ceme websites and
  • Hastracking software which he uses only for the purpose of tracking win and loses.

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