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So, after transferring all the JavaScript and CSS to the CDN, only HTML files remain on the main resource server. Transferring all large graphic files to the network for delivery and distribution of content has significantly reduced the waiting time for loading page contents by users from remote regions. With 토토검증 now you will have the best deals now.

After the process was completely completed, the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool with enviable consistency began to indicate the need to speed up browser caching of files for some third-party resources:

  • Some of the problems were eliminated by transferring the code of social network counters (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) and part of the static images to CDN. As it turned out later, the greatest influence on the site was exerted by the Google Analytics counter code, the presence of which made the resource heavier at times.

Since the development team categorically did not want to remove the counter code from the site, it was decided to create a special script that would automatically run every 9 hours and check the GA counter code settings. As a condition, it was specified that the script automatically uploads the Google Analytics counter code to the server only if it has been significantly updated. This made it possible to place the Google Analytics JavaScript code on your own server, bypassing the steps of downloading counter code updates from Google servers after fixing every slightest change on the site. If no changes were recorded on the site, the Google Analytics counter code was downloaded from the cache.

After each change by the analytics system of the JavaScript code, the site server automatically uploaded its updated version to the CDN using third-party scripts.

The screenshot below shows how this procedure allowed to reduce the file size of the main page of the site to 15.5 KB:

Remove JavaScript and CSS code blocking the display from the top of the page

This aspect is one of the most difficult to implement, since it requires significant technical skills from the site development team. In the case of the monitorbacklinks.com resource, it was required to transfer all the codes in JavaScript and on the top of the page and from its central part to the footer. The procedure was necessary to do for all pages of the resource.

Those who use WordPress can be advised to use the plugin from Autopmize. In this case, in the settings you need to uncheck the item “Force JavaScript in <head> ” and check the item “ Inline all CSS ”.

Customize compression

Compressing resources using gzip or deflate can reduce the amount of data transferred over the network. This is the recommendation that usually appears after checking the site using PageSpeed ​​Insights.

If the owner of the resource does not have sufficient skills to fix the problem, he can contact the technical support service of the resource with the request to enable gzip-compression of the site files.

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