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Betting Craze In Kenya

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Lately Kenya has become a betting nation. Male and female, young and adult Kenyans, city dwellers and villagers – all of them spend hours per day looking through the sports sections of the fresh newspapers. They make notes and check betting websites for the odds and surely place bets on the Internet.

The idea of betting has fascinated Kenya like a tornado. Kenyans lead among African countries, both in the amount betters and the total amount of spent money. The research shows that about 20% of adult population place bets and consider it a permanent channel of earnings.

Kenya leads even in online searching trends: people have searched for the “betting tips” keywords here twice more often than in Uganda and three times more often than in Zimbabwe. The primary reason for this betting craze is unemployment. In Africa (and in Kenya in particular) the average age of population is about 20 years. The amount of those who live in extreme poverty can reach about 30% of the entire nation.

Moreover, betting companies provide strong online and offline marketing policies telling the happy ending stories of becoming rich easy and fast. People truly believe in these stories of success and consider betting a reasonable chance to escape poverty. Many betting services offer free bets in Kenya usually to the new customers or in exchange for introductory payment.

There other factors that promote betting among people:

  • Wide spread of mobile money – it allows for making payments and placing bets online easily;
  • Lending apps allow bettors to take a loan quickly and transfer it to the betting apps;
  • Social approval helps people to feel fine about debts and having credit payments – over 400000 Kenyans have already got on the blacklists of credit bureaus but still discover ways to borrow.

Even people who run business or have a stable job bet. It seems that idea of giving money for the promise of reward from the Universe has found embodiment in betting.

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