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Why has Online Poker Become So Popular Throughout the World?

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The popularity rise of online poker can be attributed to three main factors. One main factor is that the poker isn’t just a game anymore, it is viewed as a sport mainly in the United States. High stake tournaments are telecasted live, such as the World Series of Poker and other various weekly tournaments, so due to increased coverage by media, poker has got an acceptance in the mainstream. Sports channels telecast even the “Late Night Poker” program these days.

Poker can be played in various variations, but the format of tournaments is Texas No Limit Hold’em. The reason is that this variation of poker is more explosive and confrontational compared to other formats that are accepted traditionally. When you talk about high stake games, you are going to opt for a more exciting format like Hold’em when you have audiences watching the game.

The third reason is that of the World Series of Poker the popularity of poker has increased suddenly. This is the tournament most of the poker players in the world want to participate. The tournament has a rich payout with a rich history. In 2016, Warren Sheaves won the championship, the championship every poker player dream of winning.

Skill and Luck, both can win

You need to have both skill and luck to win a poker game. Before few years not many people were aware that poker exists. Only in casinos, pokers used to be played, and many countries didn’t consider poker as legal. But the online poker games have increased its popularity. A lot of ads and people became aware that this game can be played online. There are websites in which after registering you can play the game from wherever you want to play, home or on the move. Some websites even give you real money. And as poker has many variations, you won’t get bored playing one game every time; you can change the variations and also try your luck in other variations.

In 1998, the Planet Poker, the first Poker Room for real cash was opened online. In 2003, its popularity started growing hugely after World Series of Poker when Chris Moneymaker won $2,500,000 became the champion from just $39 satellite. People could see in live television how a person could win so much money playing a tournament online; automatically they started to think that why can’t they try on it, if not this big amount, but some gains they can make definitely.

Poker has enough strategy from which serious players can learn to be a good player. Poker also has enough randomness that any player can get lucky and win big. This is a reason why poker is such an appealing game for players of every level of skill. The set of rules are also not that complex, much easier than games such as go or chess.

Let’s see why poker is so interesting:


  • Play with 2 or more than ten payers: Poker is a game which can be played between two players, and you can have more players to join the game. One can leave the game anytime they want to, and still, the game continues. In poker, you don’t need to plan your gathering, as you do with Bridge, Euchre or Ambition, for example for Bridge you need exactly four players.
  • Enough skill to learn more about it: The learning of skills in poker never ends, and if you are serious, you can learn more and more skills and be a good player. But if you don’t want to learn deep, that’s okay too; your luck might make you sometimes win some big money.

If poker interests you and you want to be a great player in poker, you can earn great skill by visiting Tournament Poker training sites.

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