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What Is Poker? And How To Play Online Poker?

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Poker is a card game that unites gambling and different skills to make this game more entertaining and enjoyable for all the players.

There is a deck of 52 cards in poker, which has four suits in which hearts and diamonds are red in color while clubs and spades are of black color.

There are 9 cards in each suit, an Ace, 9 number cards from 2-9, three face cards which include the king, the queen, and the jack.

Where Did the Name Poker Come From?

The name Poker was the first time used in the 19th century.

This name came into being after so many variations in it. There was a card game in Germany as same as poker they called it ‘Pochspiel.

With the similarity of this game, experts started calling this game Pochen. later, it is turned into a French word poque. In the 19th century, People of the USA started using the word poker for this game.

How To Play Online Poker?

If you are a lazy person and can’t go outside to play casino games. So, don’t worry you can play poker easily with the help of different websites like bandarqq you can play poker and also can win money,

If you want to play and win poker online. You should follow the steps mention below:

  • first of all signup to any of your favorite site where you want to play poker
  • After login, click on play poker
  • There you will find the option whether you want to play free poker or invest money to win prizes
  • Now you can join the game

These are the few steps you can follow to play the game. But before starting the game you should know the following basic hand ranking.

  • Royal flush
  • straight flush
  • four of a kind
  • full house
  • flush
  • straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pair
  • Pair
  • High card

You should learn all these rankings to be proficient in a poker game and win prizes and enjoy with family and loved ones.

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