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What is Keno? Link vao Lode88

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Keno is a modern game and is widely known, especially at Uk’s Casino. This Keno game is played with numbers given from a total of 80 numbers, 20 of which are  randomly chosen by the bookmakers.

Keno’s activities

When you play Keno you can choose from a single number to 40 numbers on a  Keno

card. This game is now updated by many bookmakers and casinos around the world

with amazing prizes. The numbers are drawn from a round Plexiglas ball seen on

Keno boards throughout the bookmakers. Some of the Ping – Pong balls are also

replaced by computers using a random numbers system.


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Form and prize value for basic play are various, including lots of prize classes and

lottery numbers to be drawn 20 times in a single prize draw to select 20 numbers from


a set of numbers from 01 to 80. Each online casino may have their own bonus, so that

let’s  read  our  other  article  about prize-chances of winning in linkvaolode88.com to

know  more  about  the  prize  and  how  many  chance  of  winning that you may  get.

Online Keno.


Currently Keno has an online version so you can experience this game wherever you are. Online Keno will have standard and videos. Generally, playing online Keno is not different from the traditional Keno.

What is Keno lottery?


Keno lottery is a new and attractive lottery product of https://linkvaolode88.com/,

Vietlott or Thien Ha Bet,…, it has the same form as lotto and bingo in Vietnam.  Keno

is issued at 06:00 and finishes at 21:55 every day following Vietnam time from

Monday to Sunday with a frequency of 10 minutes / draw.


How to play lottery


Keno Basic


Choose from 1 to 10 numbers in the range from 01 to 80 to enter the prize. You select

the card then use a black pencil to write numbers you want to choose on the card to

participate in the prize in the form of buffet.


You can buy a ticket to participate in a one-time bonus and you can buy multiple

tickets  to  participate  in  a  prize  draw  multiple times. The bookmakers will draw 20

random numbers out of the numbers from 1 to 80. You will have to trace these 20

numbers compared to the 10 numbers you have chosen.


Over/under handicap


  • Over handicap means that in 20 numbers drawn, there are 13 numbers or

more from 41 to 80.


  • Under handicap means that in 20 numbers drawn, there are 13 numbers or

more from 01 to 40.


Odd-even game


  • Even – there are 13 or 14 numbers out of 20 numbers are


  • Odd – there are 13 or 14 numbers out of 20 odd


In Conclusion, Keno is such a game like bingo and you can easy find it at online

casino. Now you probably have a better understanding of this fascinating game

through the article of linkvaolode88.com. You love this game please experience once

to get a chance to win big amount.

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