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  The main differences between slot machines and VLTs

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Playing fun casino games to stay entertained and maybe win money has long been a favorite pastime for people globally. One of the primary reasons for that is the sheer amount of casino games you can try out. Two of the most loved are VLTs (video lottery terminals) and slots. While they are two distinct styles of games, they often get confused as being the same thing!

Of course, anyone who bets on sports through an NJ online sportsbook site knows this feeling sometimes, due to the number of similar markets sports betting delivers. Like ‘Draw No Bet’ and ‘Double Chance’ in soccer though, VLTs and slots are different. Although they can have the same flashy visuals, fun soundtracks, and the ability to win large amounts, they should not be confused with one another.

But what are the main differences between them?

VLTs are not found online

One of the significant differences between the two is where you can play them. VLTs are not usually found online and are predominantly physical terminals found in land-based casinos.Also, VLTs are typically based around games like bingo. They are particularly popular in US Native American land-based casinos. Slots, on the other hand, can be enjoyed at physical casinos and online casinos. Online slots are very popular as they are fun, easy to access, and available 24/7. Players can even go for massive payouts with progressive jackpot online slots.

Slots can pay out more often

For most people, winning some money when they gamble is all part of the fun. That leads us to another key difference between VLTs and slots. In general terms, slots (especially online ones) have a higher payout percentage than Video Lottery Terminals. Many VLTs have a return to player figure around 88%, while most modern online slot games have a figure around 95%. This means that slots should pay out more often to players overall.

How you play each is different

Perhaps the last difference between these two is how you play them. VLTs involvesitting in front of the terminal, and you compete with other players for the same prize. Although you are in front of your terminal alone, you are linked to other terminals/players in the same game. If you win on a VLT game, all other players connected to the same game know about it. Playing slots, on the other hand, is a solo experience, and you play alone against the house. Slot machines are not linked to one another, and no one else has any impact on the outcome of your game when playing.

VLTs and slots are similar but different


Slots and video lottery terminals can often be confused for the same thing as they are similar in some ways. As the above shows though, they also differ in many important ways. For many casino fans, slots are the best choice as you can enjoy them online from your sofa, have access to a wide selection of games, and potentially have more frequent payouts.









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