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The easier online casino games

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Roulette, Poker and slots are the big three of casinos. However, for amateur betters, these three could have their own specific drawbacks. Roulette is utterly luck-based, with very difficult odds. Slot machines are very rarely high prize yielding. Whereas Poker is a game of both brains and luck that would require a fair amount of experience to win big. Now to save leisure/casual betters, the online casinos at Talking Casinos and similar other sites, avail other casino games such as -blackjacks, baccarats and craps. Blackjacks being the most popular among the lot.


Blackjack is globally more popular as twenty-one. In Americas however, it is Blackjack. This game can be played between one player and the dealer or between several players and the dealer. In case of several players, the players will never compete against each other. Rather each of them separately playing against the dealer. Each player will take their turn in beating the dealer. In case of an online casino, the dealer is the computer.

In Blackjack both the player and the dealer will draw two cards each, one by one. Now the addition value of both cards need to reach as close to the number 21, as possible. Between the dealer and the player the one reaching closest to twenty-one will win. The cards 1-9 are taken for their face value. The royal cards, J,Q and K has a point value of 10 whereas A has a point value of 11. However, the catch in the game is that you can never exceed 21. Now both the dealer and the player can draw additional cards after the first two but if either exceeds 21 -“busted!”


Craps doesn’t involve cards but dice. In online casinos at Talking Casinos and such other sites, the rolling of the dice takes place digitally on the click of a button. In craps there is one who rolls the dice and others who try to predict the number. The one who rolls the dice will try to hit 7 or an 11, in order to win. Whereas, the predictors will bet on whether the roller succeeds or not. Now if the dice fetches, 2,3 or 12 -it’s called craps! And everyone loses the round, whereas, rolling anything else will forward the round.


Baccarat is kind of a blend of blackjack and craps. Like blackjack in baccarat you play against the dealer, draw two cards and add their values. However, instead of reaching close to 21, you will be aiming for 9. For numbers higher than 10, the first digit is not taken into consideration. However, beating the dealer is not the objective of baccarat. Like craps, in this game you bet on the winner. Even if you lose, but, predict your defeat in advance -you will end up winning money.

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